There is no length of time or distance that can tarnish the bond between a pet and their guardian. We have seen many cases where a beloved animal goes missing, sometimes for years on end, but when they are finally reunited with their caretaker, it seems like no time has passed at all!

This was certainly the case for Buddy the cat and his pet parent Tom.


Buddy came into Tom’s life through his brother, who had taken a liking to Buddy, a neighborhood stray in their hometown of Dallas, Texas. After feeding Buddy for nearly three years, Tom’s brother passed away. In memory of his brother, Tom took up the task of caring for Buddy and over the course of the next 20 years, the stray cat became his.

Buddy recently went missing for a few days on end; he is 23 years old and has become frail with his age, so Tom set out searching for his lost friend.

Luckily, a North Dallas resident found Buddy and contacted the local authorities for help. An animal control officer brought the elderly cat into Dallas Animal Services and cared for him for several days. Because Buddy was so thin and fragile, they feared that he wouldn’t make it through the night, but did everything they could to make him comfortable. An attending veterinarian stayed with Buddy over a holiday weekend and the team remained determined to find this elderly cat’s caretaker.

By chance, Tom happened to run into a neighbor who heard that the animal shelter recently took in an elderly cat and went to see if the cat was his Buddy – it was!


Finally, after what must have felt like decades to both Tom and Buddy, this happy pair was reunited.


Don’t you just love happy endings!

Image source: Dallas Animal Shelter/Facebook