On July 4, 2012, as the nation celebrated Independence Day, a dog named Dora was spooked by the fireworks. In her panic, she jumped the fence of her Frisco, Texas backyard and unfortunately went missing. For months on end, her guardians searched for her before finally getting a miracle on Feb. 5, 2013, seven months later.

The family was finally reunited after a shelter in McKinney, Texas scanned Dora for a microchip, which she luckily had. The happy reunion was caught on video below!

Microchips can be a tiny miracle that reunites guardians and lost pets, giving a hopeless situation a happy ending. It happens all the time, including just recently when a girl battling cancer was reunited with her stolen dog all thanks to a microchip.

The fact is that dogs and cats can easily get lost, wander off, or in rare cases stolen, but if you have your dog microchipped, the chances of a reunion are much higher, which means the chances of a happy ending are much higher.