As animal guardians, the thought of ever losing a pet is enough to make our stomachs drop. While we try to always keep a close watch over our fur babies, sometimes things happen and our pets find themselves lost and alone.

While we would never want to see a day when our pet is missing, if for some unknown reason it were to happen, we sure hope that someone like the woman featured in this video would find them.


This woman was out on Fourth of July when she noticed a stray dog who was overheated and frightened. After consulting with the police, knowing that the SPCA and local animal shelter was closed for the holiday, the woman took the dog in as her own. Although she instantly fell in love with this pup, she knew that she had to do whatever she could to ensure he found his way back to his original guardian. With a little time and patience, the dog’s guardian was found. Wait till the end for the amazing reunion!