Something incredible recently happened right in the middle of a freeway south of Los Angeles, California. 17 chickens were discovered on the road, frantically trying to make sense of the strange position they found themselves in. California Highway Patrol stepped in and blocked the freeway, quickly working to rescue the frightened animals.

Sadly, not all of the chickens came out of the incident alive – but the nine who did were finally brought to Farm Sanctuary where they were thoroughly examined, treated, and shown kindness. At last in a safe place, the animals found their forever home – but they still need help to be fully nursed back to health.


As Farm Sanctuary points out, the chickens are broilers who are usually transported to slaughter in large trucks – a practice which can end up in an accident like this one. The birds are just around 42 days old even though they already weigh a whopping five pounds. Thanks to selective breeding and genetic modification, these birds grow at unnaturally fast rates and in the industry, these chicks would be ready to become meat. Luckily, that will not be the fate for these rescued little ones!

You can help with the medical treatment of the rescued chickens and other animals like them by making a donation to Farm Sanctuary.