Volunteers from Animal Friends Foundation Burgas, who rescue severely injured animals, can never be fully prepared for what they are going to see next. Many cats and dogs that come through their doors have been subject to neglect and abuse or have been roughed up from life on the streets. Luckily, once inside the facility, there is a glimmer of hope for them all. And this was the case for a young dog that sustained a wound unlike any the rescue team had never experienced before.

When volunteers got the call that a young pup had been found in desolate fields, with severe injuries, all they could do was hope that it wasn’t as bad as it sounded.


Unfortunately, it was worse. A huge open wound stretched from his neck to his shoulder. Jamie, as he was later named, needed medical attention – urgently.

The Fight to Save Jamie

According to the Animal Friends Foundation Burgas, Jamie’s skin was “hanging like a thread.” The vets couldn’t be sure whether the injury was caused by another dog or by humans, but by the looks of it, they were convinced it was a human’s doing. Could someone have cut him open or mutilated him just for fun? Just to feel a little power? That, we can never know. What we do know is that for Jamie, a dog no older than eight months, it must have been the most excruciating experience.

Because there was not enough skin from another part of Jamie’s body to use for a skin graft, the vets had to stitch up the massive injury. He was also given painkillers, antibiotics, and plenty of food to give him the energy he so clearly needed.

The Bravest Pup in the World

Though he must have been scared and in severe pain, volunteers said that Jaime was incredibly brave and sweet throughout the entire ordeal.


“He let everyone manage him without snapping or lashing out in any way,” said Animal Friends Foundation Burgas. ”Slowly, in the recovery, he turned into one of the most positive dogs I have seen. And he has this special trait some dogs have – when happy or excited he lifts his lips, and it seems like he is showing his teeth and snapping, it is so funny!”


Jamie’s scars haven’t healed completely, but the good news is, he’s starting to look and feel like a new dog. In spite of everything he’s gone through, he has been incredibly positive and cheerful. The organization says he isn’t a fearful dog and hasn’t lost his puppy playfulness, either. All in all, he behaves like “he’s the happiest and luckiest dog in the world.”

At the moment, he’s living with the founder of the Animal Friends Foundation Burgas and being spoiled rotten!


His Life Still Hangs in the Balance … Will You Help Him?

Jaime is still recovering, and it will be a long road before he is fully healed. His caretakers say that he’s improving by the day. Sometimes, however, out of the blue, things can take a turn for the worse. You can help Jaime by supporting this amazing organization. To learn more or make a donation, click here.

All image source: Animal Friends Foundation Burgas