Anushka Sharma is an accomplished film actress, model, and producer. As one of the highest paid actresses in India, Anushka also uses her star power to speak up on causes she cares about, most notably, animal welfare. The Bollywood star has previously taken to Twitter asking for a ban on horse-drawn carriages in Mumbai and she’s also condemned the horrific Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China, urging her fans to sign a petition to stop it. Just when we thought we couldn’t love Anushka any more than we do, she recently spent a day with dogs rescued from the streets of India by Animal Aid Unlimited, a rescue organization and shelter based in India.

Anushka flew with her father all the way from Mumbai to Udaipur just to spend the day with the animals at Animal Aid Unlimited. Talk about a big heart!


Animal Aid said that during her day-long visit, “Anushka explored many aspects of street animal rescue, sheltering and compassion education, pursuing her own desire to help animals in India.”


We love that Anushka is using her celebrity status to bring attention to homeless animals! 


Thanks for helping our four-legged friends, Anushka! 




If you feel inspired after reading this story, you don’t have to be a celebrity like Anushka to bring attention to the plight of animals. You can make a difference in the lives of homeless animals simply by volunteering at your local animal shelter.

Organizations rely heavily on volunteers to assist with animal care and day-to-day operations. There’s never a shortage of things to do and opportunities are available for people of every skill set. You can help take dogs for walks, give them food and water, and make sure their area is clean. If your preference is helping out behind the scenes, you can volunteer your services by assisting with fundraisers, outreach events or general office tasks. And please, always adopt and never shop!

Image source: Animal Aid Unlimited/Facebook