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In less than three months time, many dogs in China will face their worst nightmare ever, and they need our help now to save them before the summer solstice arrives because that date marks the beginning of this year’s Yulin festival.

What occurs at this annual gathering of dog meat eaters in China is ghastly and appalling, to say the least. As rescue group Animals Asia explains, the unfortunate canines who helplessly find themselves imprisoned at this festival are routinely “snared around the neck with metal hooks and dragged from their cages. Then they are either bludgeoned or stabbed in the neck or groin to be ‘bled out.’ Other methods of killing including being hanged or electrocuted. This happens dog by dog so other dogs are likely to witness multiple deaths ahead of their own. This further spreads panic.”

No dog in China is completely safe from this savagery, as many, if not most, of the pups crammed into cages awaiting this fate are people’s pets that were either kidnapped off the street or straight stolen from their caretakers’ yards.

You can help end the heinous dog meat trade by supporting organizations such as Animals Asia and Humane Society International, as well as good Samaritans like Yang Xiaoyun, who are working on the ground to rescue as many dogs as possible before they are forced to succumb to such horrific suffering.

In addition, please take a stand by signing this petition on Care2 and supporting North Shore Animal League America by adopting one of the dogs they’ve rescued from this grisly trade.

Finally, spreading awareness is one of the best things we can all do to help stop this annual event from afar. As uninvolved Chinese citizens learn about the many atrocities taking place at the Yulin festival, they are starting to become vocal activists who protest these crimes. That public pressure is waging the most positive influence to date by coercing the Yulin government to distance itself from the event and proactively bar some area restaurants from serving dog meat. As a result, the number of dogs being slaughtered each year has dropped from over 10,000 to around 1,000.

Still, 1,000 is far too many, and the more people we reach with this information, the more that may join this cause, the louder our collective voices will be heard, and the better the government will be swayed to end this cruelty. So, please, share, share, and share some more, until everyone you know is well aware of, and outraged by, the brutality that awaits our beloved best friends starting June 21, 2017!

Image source: Eky Studio/Shutterstock