Birds are beautiful animals, who are an essential part of our ecosystem. Not only are they responsible for spreading seeds, spores, and pollen to the farthest reaches of our planet, but they do so with a grace and beauty that is truly inspiring to watch. In this video, we see a group of 70,000 starlings traveling in a fast moving flock that is known as a murmuration. These murmurations create a stunning visual image that appears to be one great beast, swirling over the landscape in unison. It’s incredible to see them executing hairpin turns in a way that seems to defy all that we know about aerodynamics.

With our understanding of science and humankind’s exploitation of this planet, it is very easy to assume that there are no great mysteries left in the world. Yet nature has not yet revealed all of her secrets to us. This little-understood phenomenon is only one stunning example of those mysteries that still leave us in wonder, reminding us that we are only a small part of the large ecosystem on our massive planet Earth.