When Secca, a camera repairman, opened up his shop in the city of Chennai, India, back in 1990, he hoped to make a good living for himself. He was content to work and feed the sparrows, crows and squirrels that happened upon his rooftop each day. But then, following the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2005, everything changed. He recalls, “The tsunami was the reason for the parakeets first arrival here. Then two parakeets brought ten more. It then started to multiply to fifty, one hundred and thousands began to flock the place.”

Quickly, what was once a simple hobby became a daily ritual as more and more parakeets began to show up at Secca’s camera shop for food. Today, he is known as “India’s Birdman” and starts his day at 4am,  preparing breakfast for his 4,000 feathered friends. Naturally, the sight of so many beautiful birds gathered in one place draws quite a bit of attention. An onlooker says, “It is a sight to behold. In a city like this, such a huge crowd of parakeets awes people. Watching him feed them is a majestic thing and a spectacular sight. Many people pass this way and stand and watch for a long time.”


This amazing man is a great example of how many people are out there making the world a better place for animals, every day.

Although this story is heart-warming, we do not encourage our readers to feed wildlife. Feeding wildlife interferes with the balance between wildlife populations and their habitat and could lead them to be reliant on humans for survival, amongst other problems. If you find an animal in need, contact a local wildlife rehabber/rescuer or veterinarian ASAP, or call a rescue hotline. Here are some that might help!