Guys, it’s finally happening. Vegan burgers are about to take over. Beyond Meat, the plant-based food company backed by Bill Gates, General Mills Inc., and Tyson Foods Inc., is finally bringing the Beyond Burger to more U.S. grocery stores!

If you haven’t heard of it, the Beyond Burger is like a plant-based marvel. Made from pea protein, these all-vegan, gluten-free burger patties look, cook, and taste like a traditional beef patty, right down to turning from pink to brown as it sizzles away on the grill. It even “bleeds” — beet “blood,” that is. Last year, the Beyond Burger made a huge splash at Whole Foods Markets across the country by being the first veggie burger to be sold alongside meat, challenging consumers’ idea that meat needs to come from an animal.

According to the Beyond Meat website, the Beyond Burger will soon be sold in the meat section of more than 280 Safeway grocery stores across Northern California as well as a few stores in Nevada and Hawaii. Including Whole Foods, this means that customers will now be able to find the Beyond Burger at 650 grocery stores nationwide.

You might be asking yourself, why sell a veggie burger next to meat? Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown explained, “Our early research indicates that 70 percent of Beyond Burger consumers are, in fact, carnivores who seek to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diet. The expansion of The Beyond Burger into a mainstream, conventional grocer like Safeway really speaks to the continued shift in consumers’ appetites and purchasing patterns.”

In recent years, due to reasons such as environmental concerns, personal health, and animal welfare, we are shifting away from animal products like meat and dairy and in turn, we’ve seen a rise in sales in the plant-based food market. According to the  2017 Protein Alternatives Report from global market research firm Mintel, it is largely Millennials who are driving the trend towards eating more plant-based foods. In fact, 36 percent of this age group are trying to include more plant-based meats in their diet versus 14 percent of Baby Boomers. If we’re talking about just veggie burgers, Mintel reports that 64 percent of Millennials have tried meatless burgers. While the Baby Boomer generation is trailing behind at 28 percent, we’re certain that Beyond Burger’s distribution in Safeway stores will tempt even more people to give plant-based foods a try.

Burgers like the Beyond Burger and the plant-based Impossible Burger, also known as “the burger that bleeds” prove that bland veggie burgers are a thing of the past. The future of food is here — and it tastes good enough to rival “the real thing.”

Lead image source: Beyond Meat