When we are young, we are taught that dairy farms are idyllic little barns nestled in the hills of the countryside run by a kindly old couple. The image is really nice – but ignores the inherent cruelty involved in making dairy products. The anonymous ex-dairy farm worker in this video spent nine years working on eight or nine different farms and never saw anything idyllic in the industry.

What she did see was widespread animal cruelty and the destruction of countless families. The memories haunt her to this day. She remembers, “Every day I separated calves from their mothers, I watched the mothers running after that calf trailer screaming.” There is a common misconception that cows need to be milked or they will be in pain – this is only true if their babies who would otherwise be drinking that milk aren’t present … which is the premise of the dairy industry.


Too keep this cycle going, dairy cows are forcibly impregnated and then the babies are ripped away from their new mothers as soon as possible to maximize the cow’s milking potential. These babies either grow up to become milk cows or are slaughtered for meat. They are not thought of as living creatures; instead, they are treated like food. This anonymous woman saw calves tortured, burned, and beaten to death, and while she spoke out against this sadistic behavior, no one listened. Her story is not unique. The dairy industry is infamous for the inhumane conditions cows are forced to live in and the widespread allegations of animal abuse in dairy farms.

There is no reason we should cause these innocent creatures to suffer unnecessarily – especially when we have so many yummy plant-based alternatives!