When employees at an animal shelter in Orangeburg, South Carolina came across a five-year-old stray dog, they could barely comprehend the brutality of the scene in front of them. The pup, who was used a bait dog in a fighting ring, had been injured so badly his eye was bulging out of his face, causing excruciating pain and misery.

The shelter workers asked Rescue Dogs Rock NYC to step in and help. The pup was transferred to an emergency veterinarian hospital because the horrible wound was causing pressure in his head. In addition, his muzzle had been torn apart. Rescuers named him “Drama,” because whatever happened to the 50-pound dog, was indeed nothing short of dramatic.


“I just can’t understand how anyone can submit an animal to so much pain and suffering,” stated Stacey Silverstein, founder of Rescue Dogs NYC told The Examiner.

Surgeons removed Drama’s injured eye and sewed his muzzle back together. Throughout the entire ordeal, rescuers said that the young boy remained calm. Sadly, it was likely his sweet demeanor that made him the perfect bait dog.

Thankfully, Drama’s wounds healed and he even found a forever home! “We instantly fell in love the minute we saw him and decided to adopt him,” said his adopted mom.

To leave the “drama” and trauma of his past behind, his new family named him Finley and made sure to give him all the love he should have had from the start.

However, this dog isn’t out of the woods yet. He is heart worm positive, missing skin, thin and healing from scabs and scars all over his body. In addition, his teeth were filed down in his dog fighting days, which causes him much discomfort. While pain is a regular part of Finley’s life, his family said he is still the most gentle dog and never fusses when it’s time for his medicine. To continue giving Finley the care he needs, the family has set up a crowdfunding page to help pay for his continued treatment.

“He should hate humans for what they have done to him, but he just wants love and affection.  We are trying to give him a fighting chance and the life that he deserves,” his mom said.


You can help Finley on his road to recovery by visiting the GoFundMe page and pledging your support. After all that Finley has been through, he deserves a second chance at life.

All image source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC