The end of the year is a special time no matter what holiday you celebrate. The promise of hot chocolate, snow, and family get-togethers just gets us all excited! But it’s important for us to look outside ourselves and lend our support to those if us who may be suffering.

For example, that snow that we love playing in is no laughing matter for homeless animals. Countless strays spend the entire winter exposed to the elements. Luckily there’s one cafe in Lesbos, Greece that’s opening their doors and their hearts to our less fortunate furred friends!


This is the Hott Spott cafe (on the left of the picture). This animal-friendly establishment closes their doors to customers at 3 am and opens them to homeless dogs until the morning. How amazing is that?

The Hott Spott has been doing this since summer. But the kind act has gotten additional press thanks to word of mouth and the shifting temperatures.

With the financial collapse in the country, countless pet guardians have chosen to abandon their beloved animals just to make ends meet. Greek charities reported that there are over one million stray dogs in Greece, and these numbers are growing every day.  With the help of kind individuals and businesses like Hott Spott, these pups are getting the chance to enjoy a life they wouldn’t have otherwise.

All image source: efstratiospapanis/Facebook