For animal rescuers, there are some cases that are just too heartbreaking to bear. However, that doesn’t stop these incredible people from doing whatever they can to save a furry friend in need. This was certainly the case in the rescue of Trinity, a pup who was brought to Calaveras County Animal Services by a good samaritan. Trinity was suffering from numerous extreme injuries, and the shelter feared she had been used as a bait dog for an illegal fighting ring. Given her grave condition, she was transferred to the local veterinary hospital for emergency treatment, and it was confirmed that this poor baby had been used as a live chew toy.

“Her face was unrecognizable, swollen to many times its normal size and covered with deep, bleeding gashes. She had punctures and tears on her ears and all over her head, as well as an enormous swelling in her chest, and multiple other punctures and scrapes,” the County shelter said.

In spite of her extreme pain and suffering, the shelter said that Trinity remains as sweet and loving as ever. “While visiting her on our lunch hour, as she climbed into our laps, we decided her name had to be Trinity, as a tribute to the three stages of her life – her horrible past, her painful present, and the wonderful future we know she has in store!”

Rescuers gave Trinity a stuffed animal to help her feel safe during her recovery.

Thanks to a lot of TLC, Trinity is on her way back to health.

In spite of her past, shelter volunteers say she has a heart full of love. 

 How could anyone hurt this beautiful blue-eyed girl?

Unfortunately, this rescue organization is in desperate need of donations to help Trinity and the many other animals in their care. Scores of fires that recently ravaged the county have left dozens of people and pets homeless and injured. The Calaveras county budget is being squeezed to help victims of the fire, and the shelter is now relying on donations to help cover the veterinarian costs for its animals.

You can help Trinity by making a donation to the “Help Trinity Triumph” Go Fund Me campaign here.  To keep up to date with Trinity’s recovery, visit the shelter’s Facebook page here.

All image source: Help Trinity Triumph/Calaveras County Animal Services