It’s always hard to watch an animal become a victim of a human’s thoughtlessness. However, videos like these help remind us that there are also good people in the world who are trying to fix this injustice.

The dog in the video was left tied to a tree with no familiar human in sight for some time. This is already a bad situation for a dog to be in, but things got a lot worse when out of nowhere the sky started pouring hail and rain and the dog was left defenseless.

If hail can do this to a car, imagine what it can do to a dog?



The poor pup couldn’t do anything but cower against the tree and wait for it to be over. Luckily, a kindhearted woman saw the dog from her house and braved the bad weather to free him from his predicament.

Remember, Green Monsters, please never leave your dog unattended for longer than a few minutes especially if they are tied to a post.