Remember Angel, the rare albino dolphin who was captured during Taiji’s annual dolphin drive last year? She was cruelly torn away from her mother and moved to a tiny tank in Taiji’s Whale Museum, which – in addition to housing live dolphins – also sells dolphin and whale meat in its gift shop. Despite a global outcry and numerous petitions to have her released, Angel was condemned to remain at the museum … just another sad victim of the horrendous Taiji “tradition” that slaughters up to 2,000 dolphins per year, and subjects others to a lifetime in captivity, performing inane tricks for the sake of human entertainment.

Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project has just posted a new video to their Facebook page, illustrating – in painstaking detail – just how confined Angel is in her tank. She and a few other dolphins can be seen swimming in endless circles. The narrator says, “there’s a total of eight dolphins in this tiny little tank.”


No doubt about it … the clip is truly heartbreaking. As worldwide opposition to cetacean captivity continues to grow, let’s hope that the day will soon come when dolphins and whales will no longer be forced to live in tiny tanks which can never compensate for the loss of their true home: the ocean.