A baby albino dolphin, part of the 250+ dolphins captured in Taiji has been taken from its mother  and placed in the Taiji Whale Museum.

According to Cove Guardian, Karla Sanjur the dolphin looks “like an angel with fins,” and Ric O’Barry, the director of the Dolphin Project has decided to call this poor little dolphin “Angel.

Angel represents a huge prize for the dolphin hunters, and it is likely that Taiji Whale Museum will keep little Angel for their own promotion and to attract tourists. A rare albino dolphin like Angel is likely to bring a great deal of interest and be a freak show attraction in the museum, which not only houses live dolphins, but also sells whale and dolphin meat in the gift shop.

Below is a video of the dolphin in the aquarium.

Sign the Change.org petition  calling for the albino dolphin to be returned to the wild.

Here are photos of Angel prior to his capture, in the Cove.