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UPDATED  on 01/21/14

A pod of more than 250 dolphins, including babies, juveniles, and a rare albino calf have been driven into in Taiji, Japan’s infamous cove.

According to Sea Shepherd, most of the pod faces slaughter for human consumption, while some may be sold into captivity in marine parks.

On January 17, 2014, a total of 25 dolphins were kidnapped from the cove during an eight-hour captive selection period.

Over the next five days, a total of 93 dolphins were captured and on January 21, 2014, 41 dolphins that were captured were killed by having a metal rod  rammed into their spinal cord. The remaining 130-140 starved and injured  dolphins (deemed unsuitable for captivity or slaughter) were driven back out to sea in the same deafening manner as the drive in.

Many of these dolphins who were driven out are unlikely to survive and are expected to be found washed ashore in the coming days. 

The rare albino calf was transported to the Taiji Whale Musuem.

Watch the videos below:

Check out Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians on Facebook and Twitter for the latest reports on what is happening at the Cove in Taiji.

To learn more about the Taiji dolphin slaughter and the Cove Guardian’s, read this interview with Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian Ethan Wolf.

To contact the Prime Minister of Japan, click here.

Ambassador Kenichiro Sasae
Embassy of Japan in the United States
2520 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W
Washington DC 20008
Tel: 202-238-6700, Fax: 202-328-2187

Contact information for those in Taiji:

Mr. Yoshiki Kimura – Governor of Wakayama
(Fax: +81-73-423-9500)

Wakayama prefecture office, Fishery Division
TEL: +81-73-441-3010
FAX: +81-73-432-4124

Mayor – Taiji town hall

Taiji fishermen’s union:
TEL: +81735592340
(Fax: +81-735-59-2821)

Hotel Dolphin Resort / Dolphin Base
Tel: +81 0735 59 3514
Fax +81 0735 59 2810

Live stream source: Sea Shepherd