Greece is a nation of beautiful islands, tucked right in the sweet spot between the Mediterranean, Ionian and Aegean Seas.  But for the more than one million stray dogs that live there, Greece is anything but a paradise. For many years, the people of Greece kept outdoor community dogs that were fed and cared for. Although these animals were considered strays, the government subsidized their care in lieu of euthanizing them in dog pounds. However, since the country’s recent financial collapse, the political and economic upheaval has left the strays at the bottom of the agenda, with no one to look after them. Which is why the work being done at Save a Greek Stray is so very important.

Save A Greek Stray is an organization that provides medical services and rescue for many of the homeless dogs in Greece who would have nowhere else to turn. In their seaside location in Northern Greece, they provide life-saving services for dogs like Yasmine, the sweet pup featured in this video.


After an accident left her dragging her back legs, Jasmin wandered the streets of Northern Greece for months. Luckily, the good folks at Save A Greek Stray took her in, giving her an operation that required the amputation of one of her hind legs. Since then, despite having three legs, she has been a happy-go-lucky pup who is now looking for her forever home.

If you would like to adopt this resilient little lady, or help Save A Greek with their cause, please visit their website by clicking here.