Many of us are (or have been) fortunate enough to know the great joy that companion animals can bring into our often rushed daily lives. They comfort us when we’re down, remind us to take it slow by stopping for a play break or belly rub, and put a smile on our faces when they unsuspectingly make adorable fools out of themselves.

And so, losing a beloved non-human companion can be just as difficult, and perhaps harder in certain cases, as losing a human loved one.

There are many ways people cope with this loss, yet arguably, one of the best ways is to adopt another companion. In doing so, you are able to honor the memory of your late long-time companion while also offering a forever home to another animal in need.

It is this route that animal lover Jessipon (as she’s known online) took after the sudden passing of her much-loved Instagram-famous cat Wasabi-chan back in August 2013.

As Catsparella reports, “[Jessipon] has decided to keep the kitten’s memory alive by opening her heart and home to another cat in need.”

Jessipon’s new household companion is a tabby kitten named Ichimi – and she’s already living up to Wasabi-chan’s online legacy, taking on Instagram with just as much adorability (if we can even measure something like that).

Imichi arrived into Jessipon’s home late last year in a fragile state, abandoned at an early age by her mother. Jessipon knew she needed extra TLC and started bottle feeding her to help get her to a healthy weight, Catsparella reports.

Jessipon’s Golden Retriever, Ponzu, even pitched in, taking over protection of Imichi very soon after she came into their lives.

From the very beginning, Ponzu and Imichi have been inseparable, cuddling, playing and relaxing together whenever they get the chance. They both lost someone dear to them – Ponzu, a friend and Imichi, a mother – yet through this loss, they were able to find something beautiful: a lasting friendship.

Take a look at their special bond in the photos below, documented by Jessipon via Instagram. It’s heartwarming, certainly, but more than that, it proves that love may indeed heal all wounds.

This is Imichi when she was just a little baby, a brand new addition to Ponzu and Jessipon’s home.

Ponzu wasted no time getting right to cuddling to put her at ease and make her feel welcomed.

Definitely didn’t take long for Imichi to get settled in! (Can you say, “Aw!”)

Since Imichi’s arrvial, her and Ponzu pretty much share everything together…






…and even crafts!

Truly, they are a sight to behold — a real dynamic duo!

For more photos of Ponzu and Imichi, visit them on Instagram right here!

Lead image source: shimejiwasabi / Instagram