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one green planet

Some might not realize the amazing lessons our beloved household companions can teach us. A dog may just be a dog that loves to play fetch or run wild in the yard, while a cat is the ever-persistent napper who loves to be scratched just right behind the ears.

While these descriptions have truth in them, they don’t really highlight the true beauty of our four-legged friends that share our lives with many of us day in and day out. They, like any other animal such as an adorable piglet or crafty fox, have rich and distinct personalities. But, perhaps even more stunning, is the way they approach life – just one moment at a time.

It’s true – many of us might not have this luxury with so many tasks, errands, and dates to remember well before they occur, but often we get wrapped up in these activities and completely miss out on enjoying the beautiful world around us.

To remind us to “savor the moment,” we can take a page out of our companion animals’ books, and try to see the world a bit from their eyes– how there is always beauty in the seemingly mundane and how this should be savored because otherwise it will be gone before we know it, never to be quite the same again.

In Keith Hopkin’s newest video, who is of Dogs in Cars and Puppy Pile fame, you’ll see our canine and feline companions doing just this – enjoying every day as if it was just as beautiful as the one before it. Check out his stunning short film aptly entitled, “Savour Every Moment” below, and with a comment, let us know what else you’ve learned from your four-legged friends.


Image source: Keith Hopkin / Art.Work.Not.Available