We’ll go running, play fetch, and even kick around a soccer ball with our dogs, but usually, when we’re at any major sporting event, our beloved pooches must stay home and entertain themselves (or nap) while we’re gone, even though they’ve proven their love for our human sports time and time again.

Recently, one Argentinean dog decided this wasn’t the way to go, because why should he miss out on all the fun, right? He loves sports too! (Or maybe just the extra attention.)

So, on December 3, during the Hockey World League Final in San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina, this adorable local dog ran right onto the field, with his tongue flapping and tail wagging, and interrupted a game between England and Germany without a care in the world.

His surprise visit stunned everyone – commentators, players, referees, and field hockey fans alike. Yet, naturally, he won over everyone with his cuteness.

Let this dog win you over too – hit “play” to watch his grand (and adorable) interruption!

Image source: International Hockey Federation / YouTube