Daisy the dog was born with a congenital defect that makes it difficult for her to walk on her front two legs. Many people might see Daisy and immediately notice that she is different from other dogs, but in Daisy’s mind she is just the same as every other pup!

Well, maybe Daisy does know that she is different from other dogs just by the fact that she has thousands of avid followers on Facebook and Instagram – like come on, she’s kind of a big deal. But not being able to walk on her two front legs has never been her defining trait. Rather, Daisy is known for her unrelenting spirit and ability to appreciate all the amazing little joys in this world. In this video, Daisy is doing her very best happy bunny impersonation … and we don’t know about you, but it might just be the sweetest thing we’ve seen all day!


Daisy’s resilience is a very real reminder that animals can be just as strong – if not stronger at times – than humans and deserve to be regarded with compassion and respect.

So, hop on Daisy, you’re doing great!