When Daisy the dog was found all alone, wandering the streets of Bellflower, California, an animal control officer immediately brought her to a nearby shelter. At only two months old, this abandoned puppy suffered from a congenital disorder that caused her elbows, right shoulder and back hips to be dislocated from their sockets. Because of this, Daisy could barely walk and the shelter was unable to find a home for her for two long months.

The shelter had all but given up hope on Daisy and slotted her on the euthanasia list when a volunteer from A Home 4Ever Rescue discovered her. This kind person took Daisy to Home 4Ever and set out to find a guardian who could care for this special needs pup. Sure enough, a few months later Daisy found a forever home.


Her new guardian loves Daisy – not “in spite” of her disabilities but because of them! To show the world just how amazing and resilient Daisy is, her guardian launched a website, Facebook, and Instagram account dedicated to this little pup. We have to say, after scrolling through her gallery we can certainly understand why this special little dog has become an instant star!

Go ahead, just bask in all her glory!

Daisy has never let her underbite or inability like a “regular” dog get her down!

Daisy’s guardian explains, “Daisy’s maxilla is very shy, while her mandible is extremely outgoing.”

They say every dog has its day … for Daisy, that day is every day.

Hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it!

But Daisy is not only ridiculously cute, she also uses her look to raise awareness for other special needs animals.

Sometimes you’re so fabulous, you just gotta smile about it.

A little compassion and a whole bundle of positivity can go a long way! We can all thank Daisy for teaching us to remember that.

Keep on rollin’, Daisy!

To follow Daisy and her adventures, check out her Facebook page, Instagram and website!

All image source: Daisy Underbite/Facebook