When Daisy was rescued off of the streets of Bellflower, California, the odds seemed stacked against her. This little dog was born with a congenital disorder that caused her shoulder, elbow and back hips to be dislocated from their sockets, making it extremely difficult for her to walk or support her body weight. Given her condition, Daisy was slotted for the euthanasia list at the shelter that took her in – but in a stroke of luck, another no-kill organizations stepped in to give her a shot at a forever home.

It took seven months, but Daisy finally found a loving guardian and her life has changed completely as a result. Not only is this sweet pup the star of her own Instagram account, but she now has a proper set of prosthetic legs that will help her navigate the world on her own! In this video, Daisy is testing out her very first pair of prosthetics and getting used to the feeling on having them on her legs. They might look like tiny steps, but they represent a huge leap for Daisy on her path to a happy, healthy life.


Good luck, Daisy, we’re all rooting for you!