A landfill in Georgia was recently the site of the most unthinkable discovery. A group of people who came to the dump to get rid of their garbage came upon a discarded cardboard box full of what appeared to be dead puppies. Thankfully, they examined the animals more closely and discovered that one of them was still alive! The six-week-old puppy, Madison, is now under the care of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and receiving urgent medical help.

Once they noticed she was still breathing, Madison’s rescuers rushed the puppy to the local shelter, desperate to save her. The shelter reached out to the Rescue Dogs Rock team, which immediately agreed to help. Madison was then taken to the closest vet to receive lifesaving care.


According to the vet, the visible swelling on the side of the puppy’s face comes from a fracture, and the teeth on the same side of her head are now facing backward. “Of course, baby Madison did not do this to herself,” the rescue team writes.

Madison’s survival was a miracle. The box of puppies was literally thrown away like garbage in a clear act of cruelty, and even though she was likely hit with a hard object, Madison is still alive. Unfortunately, her siblings were not so lucky.

“We are so sick and upset over this because there is just NO excuse for this depraved act. Obviously, these poor babies were unwanted, why not take to a shelter?” the team writes. “Why in the world would anyone hit them, dump them and leave them with yesterday’s garbage to die?! What a sad world we live in.”



Madison was incredibly lucky to be found in time by the wonderful people who did everything to bring her to a place where she would get help. She is now on strong pain medication and antibiotics and will soon have her X-rays which will let the vets better assess her situation.

You can help Madison by donating to her medical care via the rescue’s website or to [email protected]

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All image source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC/Facebook