Losing a family member is always difficult, especially when it comes to the loyal companions we call pets. After a pet’s passing, there is a hole that can’t be filled, an emptiness in our hearts and our homes. In these moments of grief, how do we find a way to live on?

One way may be to honor the memory of our pets through sharing their love with the world, like one dog guardian has done in Australia.


Reddit user Jerry Oliveri discovered the memorial for a dog named Phoebe on a dog beach in Australia and decided to take a picture and uploaded it onto Reddit, where it received hundreds of comments. The simple memorial consisted of a plastic bin with tennis balls, a picture of Phoebe, along with a note from her guardian with a wonderful message.

jerrrrryyyyy / Reddit

This wise message left by Phoebe’s grieving guardian reminds dogs and their owners to seize the day and enjoy life. It also encourages the notion of paying it forward; but not by buying someone’s coffee in line behind you, but by sharing joy with others. Nothing expresses the love you have for your pet by sharing that happiness with others!