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When it comes to keto — short for the Ketosis Diet — there is a lot of focus on finding the right balance between low carbs, moderate protein, and high fat to trigger the body to create ketones and burn fat.

This balance is key for achieving a state of ketosis, — the state where your body begins producing those killer ketones — but it’s just as important to make sure you’re sourcing healthy varieties of each macronutrient, especially when it comes to sourcing healthy fat. Enter MCT oil!

MCT stands for medium-chain triglyceride referring to a substance that “contains medium-length chains of fats called triglycerides,” which, due to their short length, makes them “easily digested and many health benefits are linked to the way your body processes these fats.”

What is MCT oil and what makes it so great for those keto dieters? There are, “multiple types of medium-chain triglycerides … [but you generally] want to focus on … caprylic and capric acid” to reap the most beneficial health outcomes. Depending on the variety you’re using, MCT oil is generally “extracted from coconut oil .. [due to the fact that] more than 50% of the fat in coconut oil comes from MCTs.” This makes most MCT oil products vegan-friendly and natural, which makes the keto diet even more obtainable for those abstaining from animal products. With that said, it’s important to note that medium-chain triglycerides are also found in palm oil — oftentimes sourced unsustainably, therefore you need to make sure it says “sustainably sourced” — and dairy products — which are obviously not vegan friendly.

Therefore, make sure to note where your MCT oil is sourced when purchasing! This fat-filled oil is not only great for boosting your body into ketosis — specifically while practicing the keto diet — but it’s also been linked to healthy weight management and weight loss, promotion of healthy gut bacteria, an instant boost in energy supplies, and a reduced risk of heart ailments.

Looking to get your hands on some sustainable and vegan-friendly varieties of MCT oil products? Here are a few to get you started!

1. Artisana Organics MCT Oil from Coconuts in Glass Bottle

Artisana Organics MCT Oil from Coconuts in Glass Bottle

Artisana Organics MCT Oil from Coconuts in Glass Bottle/

Artisana is one of those companies that provide clean, pure, great products all around! This Artisana Organics MCT Oil from Coconuts in Glass Bottle offers a flavorless and odorless form of MCT oil that can be added to your cup of coffee, favorite smoothie, or bowl of chia pudding without altering the natural flavors. This MCT oil is keto and paleo compatible, vegan-friendly, and is sourced from all non-GMO, 100 percent pure organic coconuts. Plus, Artisana packages their MCT oil in recyclable and/or reusable amber glass bottles! A 16.1-fluid ounce glass bottle costs $19.99.

John L. says “I have been working with a Nutrition Coach to lose weight and gain muscle. Right from the beginning, he has asked me to purchase Artisana Organics MCT oil. MCT Oil provided more energy, helped me lose weight faster, and keeps my hunger at bay so I can maintain a healthy body weight. Artisana has no additives, no fungicides, and no flavor which is great especially when I add to coffee and pre-workout smoothies. I also noticed my recovery time was faster and felt clear-headed over the course of time. Definitely recommend this product.”

2. Nested Naturals MCT Oil Powder with Prebiotic Acacia Fiber

Nested Naturals MCT Oil Powder with Prebiotic Acacia Fiber

Nested Naturals MCT Oil Powder with Prebiotic Acacia Fiber/

This Nested Naturals MCT Oil Powder with Prebiotic Acacia Fiber is a great all-around supplement offering both MCT oil and acacia fiber for brain health and gut health combined. The powdered form of MCT oil is easier to digest and makes it easy to add to your favorite foods such as smoothies, oatmeal, tea, or coffee. On top of that, acacia fiber is a 100 percent natural prebiotic, which will boost your gut health and help keep your digestive system regular. This product is 100 percent vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and allergen-free. A 15.9-ounce container costs $29.95.

Amber says “I cannot do the oily taste of MCT oil and unfortunately if you want nearly pure C8 you usually have to settle for oil-based products. This powder has been amazing for me. Not only is it only 35 calories a scoop and it’s almost entirely C8. Other companies use a dextrose filler for their MCT filler which can kick you out of ketosis. Nested naturals use fiber which helps your body. This has 0net carbs. I will never use another brand of MCT oil. Nested has me for life.”

3. Physician’s Choice 100% Pure MCT Oil

Physician's Choice 100% Pure MCT Oil

Physician’s Choice 100% Pure MCT Oil/

This Physician’s Choice 100% Pure MCT Oil is extracted via a cold-press process from 100 percent non-GMO coconuts. It contains both C8 and C10 acids, perfect for achieving that ketosis state. Plus, this oil is flavorless and odorless meaning you can add it to pretty much anything: shakes, smoothies, oatmeal, coffee, even salads. This MCT oil is meant to help boost your brain and body energy. This product is vegan-friendly, manufactured in a cGMP organic registered facility, and is third-party tested. A 32-fluid ounce bottle costs $20.49.

Michelle Zeglen says “I highly recommend Physician’s Choice! I was introduced to MCT oil by my dietician in order to get more healthy fats in my system and natural energy while I healed from a chronic health issue. I’ve tried other, more expensive brands but this one is hands-down my favorite. This MCT oil doesn’t alter the flavor of your drink, and it’s a much more affordable option. This is such an easy, healthy way to fuel⁠ your brain, Support your gut health⁠ , and get improved memory (my “detox brain” loves this)⁠. I’m seeing the benefits of using this through improved energy and good test results! 

4. NOW Sports Nutrition MCT Oil

NOW Sports Nutrition MCT Oil

NOW Sports Nutrition MCT Oil/

NOW Sports offers a huge variety of vegan-friendly, organic, and chemical-free supplements. This NOW Sports Nutrition MCT Oil follows suit! It’s vegan-friendly, non-GMO project verified, gluten-free, keto-friendly, kosher, and free of common allergens including soy, corn, dairy, egg, and hexane. This MCT oil is easily and rapidly digested, which encourages the use of fat for energy over glucose (or sugar). A 32-ounce bottle costs $19.75.

RAYMDC says “Great product. Pure and tasteless – but it packs a punch. Easy to pour and measure by the spoonful if you just punch a small hole on the side of the freshness seal. No mess, no fuss.” 

5. Lifesense Store C8 MCT Oil

Lifesense Store C8 MCT Oil

Lifesense Store C8 MCT Oil/

This Lifesense Store C8 MCT Oil makes it super easy to get your daily dose of this amazing fat! Lifesense sources their C8 and C12 medium-chain triglycerides from sustainable coconuts. This product is vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and has been rigorously tested for quality control meaning what’s on the label is what is in the supplement. This supplement is meant to help Support healthy weight management, regulate appetite, promote mental focus, boost athletic performance, and provide sustained energy. A 3-ounce bottle costs $6.99.

Michele says “This MCT oil really works well for me. It helps with my appetite and energy. Be sure and follow the recommended dose.”

6. Micro Ingredients Organic MCT Oil Powder

Micro Ingredients Organic MCT Oil Powder

Micro Ingredients Organic MCT Oil Powder/

Micro Ingredients offers a slew of organic, vegan, and chemical-free powdered health foods making it even easier to stay healthy. This Micro Ingredients Organic MCT Oil Powder uses C8 medium-chain triglycerides sourced from sustainable coconuts that are certified USDA organic. This product is vegan-friendly, GMO-free, gluten-free, and does not contain any pesticides, artificial colors, additives, or fillers. This supplement focuses on supporting fat burning and promoting ketosis. A 1-pound bag costs $29.95.

Happy Grammie says “This is the third MCT Oil Powder I have used. I like it the best and I am reordering it. It dissolves smoothly and quickly. Doesn’t really give a flavor but a silky smooth feel that mimics cream. I add flavor, sweetener, and a touch of heavy cream to mine. Keeps me satisfied until lunch. I like what it does not have in it. That being said I would like a breakdown from the company on what percentage of C8 it has in it? Look at the picture they give of the micro ingredients. If any of these cause problems for you, I would try another brand.”

7. Nutiva Organic MCT Powder with Prebiotic Acacia Fiber

Nutiva Organic MCT Powder with Prebiotic Acacia Fiber

Nutiva Organic MCT Powder with Prebiotic Acacia Fiber/

This Nutiva Organic MCT Powder with Prebiotic Acacia Fiber has that magical mixture of MCT oil and fiber to boost both the brain and gut and give your body the smooth function it needs. This product is certified USDA organic and sources its MCT oil from non-GMO organic coconuts. With an additional three grams of prebiotic acacia fiber, this powder is perfect to add to coffee or tea, smoothies or shakes, or savory dishes including soup and oatmeal. A 10.6-ounce container costs $19.09.

M. Brandenburg says “I had been watching Dr. Colbert, MD (author of the Keto Zone Diet) on and ordered his powdered MCT oil. While waiting I ordered this and started out slow = just one tblspn at first, along with a tblspn of bone broth powder in my decaf coffee.. Boy did I experience energy all day! Pounds and inches are dropping off – have only been on it a week. Normally I like to sleep in but woke up at 6:00 am, go until midnight (when usually I’m in bed by 10:30, think a lot more clearly, and am on top of things like never before. Dr. Colbert’s formula arrived, but it’s about 17.00 more plus shipping handling, doesn’t have the added helpful ingredients, and isn’t organic. So back it goes. Nutiva has a new fan!”

8. Garden of Life Dr. Formulated 100% Organic Coconut MCT Oil

Garden of Life Dr. Formulated 100% Organic Coconut MCT Oil

Garden of Life Dr. Formulated 100% Organic Coconut MCT Oil/

This Garden of Life Dr. Formulated 100% Organic Coconut MCT Oil follows the guidelines of almost all Garden of Life products: vegan-friendly, certified USDA organic, non-GMO project verified, gluten-free, and free of common allergens including soy and dairy. On top of that, it’s free of fillers, hexane, hydrogenated oils, and palm oil. One serving provides 13 grams of MCTs — caprylic and capric acids — sourced from sustainably-grown organic coconuts. It’s great for a quick energy boost for both body and mind. A 16-fluid ounce bottle costs $17.49.

Mari says “First of all, I did not receive a free product for my review. I’m leaving a review because I am so delighted to finally find an MCT oil that doesn’t contain harmful solvents (like hexane). This tastes good and it actually tested good for me (using kinesiology). I get no bad reaction from it at all. In fact, it lifts my mood somewhat. This MCT oil is so much better than that horrible Brain Octane and XCT oil that Bulletproof pushes. No matter how many times and ways I tried theirs it always made me sick. I finally wised up and tested theirs and it contains harmful solvents. I hope Garden of Life continues to make theirs hexane-free. The only downside is this MCT oil doesn’t make good plain mayonnaise because of the slight coconut taste (unless you’re making tartar sauce for coconut prawns or something). Still a superior 5-star product though. Yaay!”

9. Radha Premium MCT Oil

Radha Premium MCT Oil

Radha Premium MCT Oil/

This Radha Premium MCT Oil has all the goods! It’s organic, non-GMO verified and sources its oil from sustainably farmed organic coconuts. This formula contains full spectrum medium-chain triglycerides — 99 percent C8 and C10 — with less than one percent lauric acid. Radha Premium MCT Oil focuses on a range of health benefits including boosting cognitive function, metabolism, energy, and endurance. Flavorless and odorless, you can add this MCT oil to pretty much any beverage or compatible recipe! A 32-ounce bottle costs $19.95.

Anita L. Cain says “I’ve used Brain Octane and a couple of other brands of MCT oil. For the value, price, quality, and ingredients, this is now my go-to purchase. I use it in my BP-Style coffee or matcha every morning and I feel it when I miss a day.”

10. Ground-Based Nutrition C8 MCT Oil Powder

Ground-Based Nutrition C8 MCT Oil Powder

Ground-Based Nutrition C8 MCT Oil Powder/

This Ground-Based Nutrition C8 MCT Oil Powder uses pure caprylic acid (C8) to fuel your body with instant, long-lasting energy. Ground-Based Nutrition is proud to offer a product that is vegan-friendly, keto-friendly, paleo-approved, grain-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and non-GMO. On top of that, this product is super creamy and smooth making it the perfect, clean supplement to give you that boost you need! This formula aims to boost energy, provide focus, enhance cognition, and improve athletic performance. Ground-Based Nutrition does not use any fillers, corn starch, additives, sugar, or stevia in this product! An 11.7-ounce container costs $32.99.

Tammy in Oregon says “Sitting with my first mug of MCT powder-infused coffee. My coffee tastes great. I searched far and wide for the right creamer and read so many reviews. I was concerned about ruining a good cup of joe with a nasty creamer. I’m so glad I took a chance on this brand because it paid off—-no need to look any farther. Smells and tastes so yummy, mixed in GREAT (a common complaint), sweetened with monk fruit so won’t break ketosis, higher in caprlyric acid (produces more ketones)——they did it right. So glad I don’t have sacrifice a good cup of coffee for my health needs. A little more spendy than others but that’s what you get when buying quality that beats out other brands. I’m legit excited I found Ground-Based Nutrition! Excited to see what else they offer the Keto community.”


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