Tips for a Happy, Healthy and Green 4th of July

Political and religious freedoms aside, we have an incredible number of choices, options, and alternatives in the decisions we make each day. And from food to furniture, our choices reflect our values. We can vote with our feet, vote with our voices, and vote with our wallets.

So whether you’re camping, picnicking, gardening or grilling for the 4th of July, be sure your choices reflect your values. Be sure they respect the planet, animals, your health, and other human beings.


These days, making eco-friendly choices is not difficult or even inconvenient. So check out all these great ways to keep your Independence Day green, healthy, and FUN!



Whether you have the holiday off from work, or simply opt to take a long weekend, the 4th of July is a perfect time to go camping! Check out the guides below for some great tips on staying healthy, happy, and “green” in the great outdoors.




What better excuse than Independence Day to bust out the gingham napkins and prepare some fun, festive foods? Seasonal berries are just begging to be made into beautiful red, white and blue foods like pies, parfaits, and fruit salads.

And don’t forget all the fresh veggies from your garden, CSA, or local farmers market! This is the time of year to embrace those greens and make some amazing salads.

Be sure to check out our Eco-Friendly Vegan Picnic Guide for more great tips on planning a picnic.

Cookouts and Grilling



It’s time to fire up that grill again! The recipes below are sure to be crowd-pleasers:

  • If you’re grilling this holiday weekend, you won’t want to miss this Veggie Burger Recipe Roundup! We promise these are 10 of the most amazing vegan burgers you’ve ever tasted.
  • Don’t forget the vegan salads and sides! Use our Super Salad Guide to come up with your own amazing salad creation, or check out the huge compilation of recipes at the bottom of the Salad Guide page.
  • Raw and no-bake desserts are perfect for summer. Carrot cake cupcakes, raw chocolate hazelnut cheesecake, coconut cream pie, double chocolate cherry cheesecake and more…you won’t want to miss these amazing recipes! If you’re looking for a lighter treat, it’s hard to beat the World’s Healthiest Vanilla Milkshake. This one makes enough to share!
  • Looking for a frosty beverage? This Chia Margarita recipe is sure to hit the spot on a warm summer night!




Maybe fireworks and flashy festivities aren’t your thing. Holiday weekends can also be a great time to catch up on some stuff around the house – like gardening! Although we’re well into growing season in most parts of the country, it’s never too late to green your thumb…even in a small space. Check out the articles below to learn more:

Crafts and Miscellaneous Activities


Check out these eco-friendly craft ideas and fun activities for the whole family! You can feel good about making sustainable, cruelty-free choices while keeping everyone entertained.

Did we miss something? Drop us a note HERE and tell us what you’re doing this 4th of July weekend!


Image Credit: Amani Hasan/Flickr