Skipping the zoos, circuses, aquariums, fishing trips, and ice cream parlors does not mean your kids will be left without summertime activities and adventures. Here are a few fun activity ideas for this sunny season:

1. Gardening


Adults and kids of all ages alike will learn a lot from growing their own food. The experience is not only fascinating, but also very educational.  Children’s appreciation of food and nutrition grows the deeper they get their own hands into the process. You may be surprised to see how enthusiastically everyone rushes out to check on your garden’s new developments each day!

2. Camping

What better way to enjoy nature than pitching a tent and sparking up the ol’ campfire? It’s a great opportunity to teach your young about respecting our planet and taking care of it. Plus, how nice is it to truly be unplugged for a few days? And don’t forget family bonding while roasting Dandies over the fire.

3. Picnics


Picnics are a little adventure into nature when you don’t have the time to pack up and take everyone camping! Food just seems so much more enjoyable when eaten on a blanket during a breezy summer day, so pack up a cool picnic lunch or dinner, complete with a treat, and take the family in tow.

4. Sports

Summer sports are a great way to get the whole family involved. The backyard is the perfect place to get started, and even throwing a Frisbee is a great way to keep everyone moving. Summer, without the pressures of school competition, is a fantastic time to learn a new sport or get in a little extra practice with a sport your family already loves. If you can’t think of something everyone enjoys, don’t forget about those bicycles gathering dust in the garage!

5. Library Programs


Local libraries almost always have fun summer activities for kids, giving them the opportunity to meet new friends and learn something new. Easy on the family budget, these programs are often free or very low-cost. Libraries also are known to have summer reading programs that will offer your little bookworm extra incentives to escape with a book to a shady spot for a break from the summer sun.

6. Festivals and Concerts


When the weather gets warm, towns tend to showcase their best goods, be it food, music or the like, with festivals and concerts. Festivals have something for everyone and give the community a great place to come together and celebrate local bounty. Watch for free concerts in the park for another fun family summertime treat!

Of course, when it comes to cruelty-free family activities and adventures the possibilities are endless, but hopefully this list has your family activity-planning gears turning! You don’t have to spend much, if anything at all, to keep your family entertained over the next few months. After all, summer isn’t about fancy trips or pricey plans; it’s about spending time together and enjoying each other’s company.