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Video creator Armen Adamjan urges people not to throw away dragon fruit after eating it. Instead of just eating the seeds, grab a small piece of toilet paper, slap the dragon fruit on it, seed side down, and twist it on the paper until the seeds stick to the paper. Fold the toilet paper in half and place it flat on top of a pot with soil in it. Lightly sprinkle some more soil on top of the paper, mist it with water, and cover the pot with a plastic zip-lock bag. Place the pot somewhere warm, and in direct sunlight and before you know it, your dragonfruit seeds will start to sprout!

This multi-colored fruit, which comes from a cactus and is covered in “scales” has a mildly sweet and crunchy flesh, with a flavor similar to that of kiwi. This fruit is high in fiber, making it good for digestion, and is also rich in iron, which aids in proper oxygen transportation throughout the blood.

Amazingly, it’s not so difficult to grow dragonfruit at home. In fact, for every dragonfruit eaten, therein lies the potential to start another, which works out great because it’s yet another excuse (as if we need one) to buy fresh fruit. You can follow Armen on Instagram for more creative hacks!

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