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Nature is undeniably beautiful with its bursts of greens, blues, yellows and other hues, and decorating with nature or natural products makes perfect sense in any eco-friendly home. Why? As long as these natural resources are obtained by sustainable means, they are simply easier on the planet to later decompose (as intended) than plastics. In total, they have a lower ecological footprint, too.

Think: pine cones from the tree in or near your yard, pieces of wood or branches naturally fallen to the ground, some stones or even some dried herbs like english lavender. You can even spruce up an old glass candle holder or apothecary jar by placing strong-stemmed plant leaves or, if you prefer longevity to the DIY project, an alternative option like faux-leaves into the holder for an amazingly natural, yet elegant look to any candle display. Check out these ideas for DIY projects using nature as inspiration.

Pine Cones

Besides being amazing at creating drainage in and lowering the weight of potted plants, pine cones add a warm, cozy feel to any autumn decor. Plus, once you get some, decorating with them is literally as easy as placing them at the ends of a table setting, like in the picture below.


You have two options for pine cones:

1. Collecting

  • Make sure pine cones have fallen naturally and are in good shape, without much dirt or any bugs before bringing into the home.

2. Purchasing

  • Nearly all craft or party decor stores sell pine cones.


Getting wood pieces that can make stunning decor can be as easy as a spring or fall yard clean-up for some. For others, such pieces are found at farmer’s markets, craft stores, small boutiques and speciality stores. These purchased pieces typically come with an indented spot for a candle already. Or, they come in longer branches made for visual displays rather than functionality. However, those who make them at home have full creative control. Take a look at this photo from the same table setting above for a better idea of what decorating with wood can do for your home:

Dining Delight


While not something many of us go out to gather from nature on the weekends, glass is a great, eco-friendly material that adds a polished finished to any room. The featured candle display below with a vibrant green leaf really ties the natural theme together. Again, you can opt for a temporary display with real leaves or a longer-lasting faux-display. To increase the eco-friendliness of the DIY project, go for sustainably-sourced beeswax or soy wax candles in any holders you create.

Dining Delight


Stones are calming, soothing and provide a cool tone to any room. They are versatile, being great in glass jars with candles or as Support for bamboo rods, or dried flowers, herbs and leaves. Plus, they are long-lasting and not easily broken. Want to keep it simple? Add some smoothed stones to a candle holder bottom, as in the photo below.

Dining Delight

You can get stones by:

1. Collecting

  • Make sure not to get greedy with natural resources — only take a small amount and try not to disturb the existing ecosystem while doing so.

2. Purchasing

  • Any craft or garden store typically sells stones of various sizes, colors and densities. Craft stores sell these for less on average.

You don’t need to be an interior designer to add nature into your living space. Nature provides a familiar, yet distinct ambiance that never goes out of style.

All image source: Dining Delight Blog