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Earth Day may have come and gone, but, since then, you’ve started to think about the trash you toss every week and want to do something better than dumping it into a landfill. Just because it isn’t Earth Day today doesn’t mean you can’t take a look around and try to help Mother Earth. While our recycling and compost materials are up, there’s still a lot of trash being sent to landfills that can be repurposed. Take a look at the EPA stats for 2012.

Here are some excellent recycled crafts to make for your home, office, or to throw together with your kids on a rainy spring day. Unleash your creativity and give these simple crafts a whirl to spruce up your décor. Make ‘em with a friend or your significant other to bond and spend some creative time together. Maybe even have a crafts party with a bunch of friends instead of binge-watching a whole series on Netflix again while scarfing down popcorn…don’t tell me it’s just me!


Ahhh, cereal, a gift from the gods. Delicious while being consumed, yes. But what to do with all of those boxes? Try making these awesome desk organizers to hold your papers, folders, writing instruments, etc. The possibilities are endless. Paint them, cover them with some spare card stock or even leftover scraps of wallpaper! Find the how-to and unleash your creativity on your workspace!

Cardboard Box Oven

Got kids? Do they love to watch you cook and have an interest in the culinary arts? Grab an old cardboard box and repurpose it! Your kids can imitate you cooking your favorite vegan or vegetarian dishes by making their very own stovetop. Try making some quinoa out of spare pieces from the hole punch or spaghetti from tinsel. Show your kids that playtime can be good for the environment too! Here’s the how-to on the coolest oven ever.

 Carton Wallet

Another great craft for kids or teens who are looking to be different from their peers while repurposing materials. These awesome carton wallets are easy to make and are a great way to spend some time with your kids, all the while teaching them about saving money. Instructables provides the how-to as well as the template for making these.

Plantable Paper Earth

This is an incredible project that you can make with your kids. It’s so incredibly easy and fun to do. How often do you get to blend paper? A few simple materials you’ve probably got lying around the house and easy steps, and you’ve got yourself a sprouting Earth! How awesome is this? Get the how-to here. Happy sprouting!

 Milk Carton Planters

Speaking of sprouting, want a simple herb garden but don’t have the outdoor space? Make a few milk carton planters and decorate them to go with the décor of your home. Maybe use some old scraps of paper, fabrics, or paint! These will go nicely on your windowsill and keep your house smelling herby fresh all season long. Try it out using this simple how-to.

What are your favorite trash-to-treasure crafts? Let us know in the comments!

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