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You’ve just gotten the keys to your new apartment, and you can’t wait to get in there and start decorating. As we all know, home decorating can be kind of pricey – the good news is, there are literally hundreds of DIY ideas to implement into your new place. DIYs started out in books and made their way into newsprint and magazines, and now, you can pop online and find infinite DIY projects and tutorials.

These four DIY projects will bring a whole new dimension of you into your apartment or house because they’ll be made completely by you! What better way to bring in some personal style than to make your own home decorations. If you’re worried that these DIYs will require a lot of skill and time to make, you’ll also be happy to know that they are very simple and don’t take a lot of time to create and require NO sewing skills. So grab a cup of coffee, tea or a snack, and check these creative DIY ideas!

1. NO-SEW Pillows


3 Peppers Recipes 

Make your own pillows or pillow covers with just two pieces of fabric.  You can even use an old T-shirt like Kristy from 3 Peppers uses in her Old T-Shirt Throw Pillows DIY tutorial.

  1. Take your fabric or old T-shirt and cut out around the graphic you want on your pillow. Leave about 4 inches or more on all sides.
  2. Cut squares out of all four corners of the larger square, so you have a plus (+) symbol shape.
  3. Then, cut straight, vertical lines on each of the sides of the plus symbol, leading up to the inner square. Space the cuts out about an inch or less wide.  This will make your tassels.
  4. Now you can make double knots in each of the tassels to create your pillow cover. Leave several undone so you can stuff your pillow.
  5. Use the leftover fabric from the bottom of the shirt to line the inside of the pillow along the edges where you created the tassels.  This will prevent the stuffing from falling out.
  6. Stuff your pillow with stuffing from an old pillow to keep in the recycling spirit and double knot the remaining tassels to close your pillow.

2. DIY Framed Art or Photos



Instead of buying the generic reprinted art you find at big box stores, be more original and make your own art. Hit up your local thrift store and find some cool frames, then print out some photos of your own at a kiosk or find some cool photos or art in old books or magazines. You can also go on Etsy or to a local craft fair and buy real artists prints or cards for affordable prices.

3. DIY Painting


Mr. Kate

Or, grab a canvas and some paint and paint your own masterpiece. Get paint colors that match your decor and use some wood for your canvas.  Check out this easy and cool DIY Dragged Paint Wall Art tutorial from the one and only Mr.Kate.

Kate is the queen of awesome DIY design ideas that keep your home decor affordable and original. In this tutorial she uses a piece of plywood, which you could use a piece of reclaimed wood for to recycle, and some paint. Just use a long drywall scraper or a long piece of recycled wood or cardboard to create some really cool designs. Check out the link for the full tutorial.

4. Get Creative With Your Plants


Lolly Jane

Instead of spending big bucks on conventional planters, why not use some different vessels to plant your pretty greens in?  Using old casserole dishes, pots, or cool old barrels is a great way to recycle, reuse and save money.  Plus it’ll add some unique visual interest to your space. While you’re at your local thrift store or a garage sale, look at any vessels with new eyes and see if you could imagine a plant looking good in it.

Teacups and teapots are great for tiny succulents, and an old ceramic bowl could be the perfect planter for a fern.  If you can’t drill holes in the bottom of the vessel, be sure to place some stones or gravel at the bottom before putting your soil in, for proper drainage.

These are just a few of the many DIY ideas you can try out in your own space to add a bit of your own vibe to your new place. Check out some more ideas on how to save money and stay green while decorating your space.

Lead image source: Geneva Vanderzeil/Flickr