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If you are serious about wasting less this holiday season, wrapping paper needs to be on your list of things to avoid. It is completely unnecessary and very wasteful since it only gets used once before being thrown away.

The good thing is that it is also a very easy thing to replace, so you don’t have to do without pretty packages completely. There are a bunch of zero waste options that are just as beautiful to use instead.

Here are some great options that you can use to make your holiday presents more eco-friendly.

Things You Can Use Instead of Wrapping Paper for Gifts

All of these zero waste options are great when it comes to creating your own version on wrapping paper.

They are all zero waste or close to being that and serve a purpose in some way. You can either recycle something that would have otherwise been thrown away immediately, or buy something that the gift receiver will be able to use for years to come.

Whichever option that you choose, these wrapping paper substitutes are all much more eco-friendly!

1. A Scarf

A scarf is a beautiful and eye-catching way to replace wrapping paper! This is also an excellent way to add an additional gift by wrapping the original gift in another gift!

You can pick out a scarf that you know your loved one would enjoy wearing and wrap up their other presents nicely in it. This is a great time to brush up on your bow tying skills!

2. Packing Paper

Brown packing paper is another zero waste and beautiful option to choose over traditional paper for gifts.

It may seem plain, but you can easily dress it up with a bright scrap of fabric as a ribbon or a pretty bundle of dried cinnamon. You could even draw directly onto the paper and create your own holiday-inspired pattern.

This is a great way to take something and make it useful when it would have otherwise been thrown away.

3. Magazines

Magazines are another great way to reuse something that would have otherwise been tossed in the trash.

You can save your magazines over the course of a few months and create a beautiful wrapping paper of your own. You can create all kinds of designs and words by cutting out certain pictures and details.

Putting all of the paper together to create a completely unique way of wrapping your gifts.

4. Reusable Fabric Bag

Fabric bags are a pretty and functional way of wrapping up a gift without wasting holiday paper.

You can buy pretty reusable fabric bags in bulk and use them to wrap your loved one’s presents this holiday season. Make sure to let everyone know that these bags are meant to be reusable. And that they make great traveling bags or grocery bags!

5. A Sweater

A sweater is a glamorous and beautiful way of wrapping a gift for your favorite loved ones. It instantly looks expensive and cozy, perfect for the holiday season.

Your loved ones may not even realize that it’s a sweater until they open their present. And it will be like a present within a present.

6. Scrap Fabric

Scraps of fabric are very functional ways of not only limiting waste but reusing something that you already have.

You can create a beautiful and rustic gift with a combination of scrap fabrics, color coding them according to the person for who the gift is meant for.

7. Tissue Paper

We all have tissue paper lying around, usually from gifts that we have received. This light and delicate paper is a beautiful way to wrap presents up in a creative and whimsical way.

It may be delicate, but it will be beautiful and create much less waste.

8. Calendar Paper

Calendar paper is a creative way to wrap up presents without having to resort to wrapping paper. It gives your presents a unique and fun twist as people can look back over the months of the year.

You have to think ahead though, and start saving your calendar papers as soon as possible!

9. Newspaper

Newspaper is another easy alternative to wrapping paper that most people will have access to. You could even ask other people if you could have their old newspapers if you don’t have your own.

This creates an interesting-looking way of wrapping up packages without creating any waste.

10. Paper Bags

Paper bags are another great option, you could of course just put the presents in the bag. But you could also cut it apart to create wrapping paper.

This works great for all kinds of paper bags, whether they are plain paper or have a design. Either way, they create a pretty and sturdy way of wrapping up gifts.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Wrapping Paper

The holidays already create so much waste and are the most wasteful time of the year for most people. Between cheap decorations, Christmas trees, and wrapping paper, the holidays are a huge climate concern.

Just think of all of the trees being cut down for the wrapping paper that gets used once and immediately thrown away. It is so senseless when there are so many other options that are just as nice to look at.

It is also a huge waste of your money, money that could be spent on better quality gifts for your loved ones! The holidays are already such an expensive time for all of us, why add just one more expense to your shopping list.

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