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Roses are beautiful. They smell incredible and can even give a floral flavor to many a dish. What’s more, rose petals contain antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties that can help treat a number of skin ailments. There are all kinds of fun ways you can use rose petals in your home, on your plate, or for your body.

To start with, you need some petals. You can harvest rose petals from your garden and dry them yourself if needed, or you can buy dried petals online. Wherever you source your flowers, make sure that they have been grown organically especially if you are planning to consume or use them on your body in some way. 

What Can I Make with My Rose Petals?  

Source: Frugal Family Home/YouTube

Infused Oil-  Lightly crush fresh rose petals, and put them into a clean, dry glass jar.  Pour oil, such as olive or almond, over the petals until they are all covered.  Screw on a lid and gently shake the jar to ensure full coverage.  Leave the jar in a dark place for 4 weeks.  Agitate the jar each day to help with the infusion process. Finally, strain out the petals, and store your oil in a dark glass container. Use as a massage oil for your hair and skin, or for making floral vinaigrettes. 

Rose Water-  Take your fresh petals and give them a rinse.  Next, add your petals to a pot and cover them with water. Simmer the petals until almost all of their color has gone. Strain out the petals and store your beautiful pink rose water in a clean, glass jar. You can use your rose water as a facial toner and for helping reduce redness and symptoms of acne. 

Bathtub Tea-  For a little bathtime luxury, fill a small pouch made from muslin or cheesecloth with dried rose petals and Epsom salts. You might want to add a few extra drops of essential oil for a more intense fragrance. Close your pouch and hang it over the hot faucet and allow the water to flow through it. Once the tub is filled, toss the “teabag” in the water with you and soak away your stresses and strains.  

Herbal Rose Tea-  This is as simple as using the dried rose petals as you would any other loose leaf tea. You can add the petals to a black or green tea for a blended flavor or use them on their own. Rose petals are packed with antioxidants and are said to help calm and reduce stress. 

Face Mask-  Add three parts oatmeal to one part dried rose petals to a blender and work until you have a powder. To make a face mask, combine about a teaspoon of water (rose water perhaps?) to one tablespoon of your oat/rose powder. You are looking for a consistency that will allow you to apply it to your face without it dripping off. You will get all the skin healing benefits of the roses as well as the moisturizing properties of the oats. 

Rose Latte– To make this stunning hot drink, heat up some of your favorite plant-based milk and infuse it with dried rose petals, just as you would when making a herbal tea.  Warm it up with some of your favorite spices, such as cinnamon or cardamom.  

Sugar Scrub- This makes the prettiest body scrub that looks good enough to eat.  Simply put vegan sugar, a handful of petals, and some body oil (rose-infused oil, maybe?) into a blender. You are looking for a creamy texture that can be massaged into the skin. This rose petal sugar scrub will leave you with smooth and heavenly scented skin.

Potpourri-  Combine your dried rose petals with other petals, seeds, bark, and fruit to make a beautiful bowl of texture, color, and fragrance. Agitate your potpourri often to release the aromas or you can add a few drops of essential oil for extra intensity.

Granola–  While you are tossing in all of your seed, nuts, fruits, and other fun stuff into your homemade granola recipe, try adding a handful of dried rose petals, too. It adds a pop of color and floral flair to your breakfast. 

Infused Vinegar–  Fill a jar with fresh or dried rose petals.  Bring a vinegar of your choice almost to a simmer then pour it over your petals. Seal the jar with a plastic lid (no metal) and leave it in a dark spot for 3-4 weeks. The vinegar will turn a gorgeous pink color.  You can use the vinegar in salads, or as a hair rinse. 

By using rose petals in your kitchen and in your skincare routine, you are inviting an abundance of beauty, fragrance, and a host of health benefits into your home. 

This article is for informational and educational purposes only.  Do skin tests before applying anything new to the skin.  Consult a medical professional before using herbal remedies.

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