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Suzy Amis Cameron has been a force in the environmental space for a long time now. In addition to founding the MUSE School, the first with a plant-based cafeteria, with her sister Rebecca Amis, she has founded a number of environmental organizations, including Cameron Family Farms (together with her husband, director James Cameron), Plant Power Task Force, Food Forest Organics, and Red Carpet Green Dress.

Like many of us who consider ourselves to be environmentalists, Suzy’s journey into living a more eco-conscious, healthy life started with removing toxic chemicals and looking for ways to avoid plastics in addition to recycling more efficiently. She strove to provide the cleanest, healthiest diet for her family and was well-versed in the importance of organic, local foods. But there was a big piece of the puzzle still missing, a piece that was found after Suzy came across the film Forks Over Knives. A former supporter of grass-fed beef and homemade goat’s milk products, Suzy was shocked by the idea that these foods could contribute to diseases like cancer or heart disease, and after a talk with James, their family went plant-based. Since then, Suzy has made it her mission to educate others about the many ways a plant-based diet can benefit personal health as well the environment. On a recent episode of the Eat for the Planet with Nil Zacharias podcast, Suzy shared more about her latest initiatives and exciting projects she has underway.

Most recently, Suzy founded the One Meal a Day for the Planet (or OMD) movement, that is a multi-pronged effort to transform eating habits and the food system, and her brand new book OMD: The Simple, Plant-Based Program to Save Your Health, Save Your Waistline, and Save the Planet just debuted on retailer shelves across the U.S. The book has already received praise from experts such as Dr. Michael Greger and Jane Goodall, and in this interview, Suzy explains what inspired her to write OMD and how she hopes it can help impact some lasting and on-going change – she also hints at the few other books she’s got going in the works. 

During the interview, Suzy also elaborates on the exciting news that the MUSE school is going global with new franchising opportunities. Along with her sister, Rebecca Amis, Suzy developed the unique mission for MUSE to not only provide a top-notch education to students but also teach them how to grow their own food and become environmental stewards. In this way, she hopes to instill a sense of environmental responsibility and understanding in future generations and empower them to live more in tune with the world around them as they pursue their future dreams and careers.

Education isn’t the only route Suzy is taking to help tip the scales towards a plant-based future, she and James have also opened the largest pea protein fractionation facility in the world and are currently working on developing a line of plant-based food to make it even easier for people to choose plant-based options. 

Suzy’s dream is to create a better world for our children and generations far into the future, and she plans to do that with plant-based food. To hear more about her exciting new projects and how to get involved, listen in!

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