Founded by Suzy Amis Cameron, wife of James Cameron, and her sister Rebecca Amis, MUSE school opened its doors in 2006 in Calabasas, California. After the Camerons had a plant-based epiphany and transitioned away from animal products in 2012, they decided that the lifestyle should extend to the school as well, and MUSE has been 100 percent plant-based since 2015. And now this awesome innovative school is expanding with global franchise opportunities!

MUSE doesn’t just serve up plant-based lunches to students, they also have on-campus gardens that give children a hands-on approach to learning about plants and sustainability, and they even allow the kids to make treats of their own, like blending up plant-based pesto out of basil from the gardens. Although MUSE school extends from pre-K to high school, their primary focus is on early childhood education from ages 2.5 to kindergarten. (However, they are open to providing curriculums for other grades if franchisers wish.) The school has a student-centered learning approach, with teachers facilitating children’s interests and inputs and allowing more freedom in the learning environment than traditional schools offer.

MUSE refers to their 100 percent plant-based commitment as “One Meal a Day for the Planet” (OMD). On their website, they explain the reasoning behind this philosophy: “Each day, our MUSE Kitchen staff prepare 100 percent plant-based lunches and snacks for the MUSE community. Our transition to a plant-based meal program is based upon MUSE’s commitment to sustainability. Food choice is the most efficient way to reduce our global footprint. MUSE works towards being a zero-waste community. We see the waste we generate as an opportunity for innovation and education … All students at MUSE understand and can speak to the OMD! mission of the school.”

Fostering conscious environmentally-friendly philosophies in children at an early stage in their development is a sure way to instill healthy and sustainable habits that can stay with them throughout the rest of their lives, which is just what we need to build a better future — generations who put the Earth first. You can think of it as a school with the goal of educating children on how to be stewards of the planet while also maintaining their individuality and freedom of expression.

Interested in opening a MUSE school of your own? Then check out the MUSE website here to learn more about the franchise opportunities.

Want to learn more about the environmental impact of our food choices? Then make sure to order a copy of the Eat for the Planet book! Filled with facts and images, it is easy-to-read, appropriate for all ages, and would make an excellent addition to your children’s’ standard curriculum.

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Image Source: museschoolca/Instagram