Oil prices went below $0 for the first time ever on April 20, 2020. As millions of people stay at home and reduce their gasoline consumption due to coronavirus, oil prices are feeling the pressure. There are now huge amounts of excess oil that companies cannot unload.

Because places to store extra oil is running low, the price is now negative. And that price affects companies. “There will be a lot of companies that don’t survive this downturn,” Ryan Fitzmaurice, energy strategist at Rabobank, told CNN. “This is one of the worst on record.”


Another economic consequence of the coronavirus. But many oil companies were continuing to build impressive infrastructure during the beginnings of the coronavirus pandemic. In March, oil companies in Texas drilled 1,175 new wells. That’s a 30% increase from the previous year.

So does this mean we’re done with fossil fuels? Because coronavirus economic changes are unknown and temporary, it’s hard to say. But environmental activists are done with oil production during coronavirus.

“Continuing construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure and expanding production during a massive oil supply glut is madness,” Collin Rees, a senior campaigner at the environmental group Oil Change USA, said in an email to HuffPost. “It’s the opposite of ‘essential,’ and it’s unbelievably dangerous to both workers and the communities they’re entering, many of which are already underserved by health services. This is just one more example of the Trump administration bailing out Big Oil and putting the interests of CEOs ahead of working people and communities on the frontlines.”

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Scientists believe that the spread of COVID-19, or coronavirus, started at an exotic animal market in Wuhan, China. You can help stop the incidence of viruses like these by signing this petition to ban the wildlife trade.

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