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While the coronavirus pandemic has been absolutely devastating to humans, nature has in some ways benefitted from the forced lockdown of humans. For instance, there has been evidence of decreased pollution and animals have been roaming and exploring freely. Lambs were seen playing in an empty park, elephants were saved from having to work through festivals, and sea turtles were able to lay an amazing amount of eggs. The animals at Yosemite National Park are also living their best lives with the humans at a distance.

Park officials describe the wild animals of Yosemite as having a “party,” since they had to close down in March. Bears have been seen roaming and grazing in areas of the park that are usually packed with people, such as Yosemite Village. The bears have been seen taking advantage of the empty areas and grazing on lots of fresh Spring grass.

Bears aren’t the only animals enjoying having the park to themselves. Bobcats and coyotes have also been seen roaming more freely. They usually stay back on the edges or move in the shadows, but with the absence of humans, they are able to explore more of the park.

We may be having a difficult time and we may be tired of staying indoors, but it’s nice to see the ways our lockdowns can benefit nature.

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