Many countries around the world are on strict lockdown. We need to practice social distancing and stay indoors as much as possible to do our part in stopping the spread of the infectious COVID-19. We are living through a pandemic and must take these measures to save as many lives as possible. However, humans being on lockdown has given earth and animals the chance to come out of their lockdown. There has been evidence of reduced pollution with humans being in quarantine and not going about their normal routines. Animals have also been much more free and actually able to explore and move around the world differently.

Dolphins have been seen near shorelines in places where they normally would not. Civets were seen walking the streets. A Chital (spotted deer) was running around in India. Elephants were roaming the streets.

Outlook India says, “Animal rights activist Gauri Mulekhi said the COVID spell has demonstrated how nature can rebound and flourish in the absence of human interference.”

If there is one thing we must learn from this pandemic it’s that our treatment of animals needs to change. There is a clear connection between eating animals and the origin of this virus. In fact, pangolins, one of the world’s most highly trafficked and critically endangered animals, were blamed for the coronavirus. Bats were too, an animal that we actually need for the health of ecosystems.

Now, we’re also seeing how these animals can flourish and interact with the world more freely with humans not taking over and assuming dominance. They are our fellow species who we share this earth with and they shouldn’t be forced into lockdown always for us to have a certain way of life.

To help animals in some way during this crisis, sign this petition pledging to help shelter animals.

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