PETA recently sent an official notice to Waccatee Zoo, the “Worst Roadside Zoo in America,” that they are planning to sue the zoo for mistreating animals that are protected under the Endangered Species Act.

PETA alleges the Waccatee Zoo is violating the federal Endangered Species Act by mistreating its lions, ring-tailed lemurs, as well as other protected species. PETA has given the zoo the opportunity to relocate those animals to more reputable facilities to avoid a lawsuit. If the zoo refuses to surrender these animals, PETA fully intends to sue them and get justice for the animals involved.

In the lawsuit, PETA brings up how proper veterinarian care was not provided for Lila, an endangered tiger at the zoo. She ended up wasting away and dying under their care. Another issue involved animals being kept in tiny, unhygienic cages and being isolated from other animals of their species. This neglect resulted in distressing behaviors such as pacing.

PETA Foundation Deputy General Counsel for Captive Animal Law Enforcement Brittany Peet said, “If Waccatee won’t get these suffering animals the care that they deserve, it can expect legal action. PETA stands ready to help these animals find spacious homes and competent caretakers before any others die as Lila did.”

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