Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary is like a mini paradise – at least for pigs! How cute is this video of Toby the rescued pig enjoying his newly expanded mudhole? Ok, technically Baby had dibs on the mudhole first but as “top pig,” Toby decided he was the rightful owner! No worries though, according to Alesja Daehnrich, founder of the sanctuary, the piggies are still getting to know each other and will be best pals soon enough. She did share that the mudhole used to be much smaller, but Toby made did some “home improvements” and made it bigger so he does have some say; however, seeing both relaxing and blowing bubbles together – even better!

In the video, Alesja gives us a small tour of the pig’s enclosure which includes several pools, a daybed, their own house, and a huge space to roam and roll around. It’s a stark difference from the lives they were rescued from that millions of pigs experience every day on factory farms. Pigs on factory farms endure extreme abuse, neglect, and heartbreak day in and day out. The saddest part is that this is all considered “normal.”

While some people might find it comforting to think of pigs and other farm animals as being different from our pets, the reality is this is nothing more than a social construct … and something we can readily change by opening our hearts and our eyes. Baby and Toby are prime examples of why all animals deserve to be shown the same respect and love as our pets at home. Pigs are intelligent (Did you know pigs are actually more intelligent than dogs… and in some cases three-year-old kids?) and highly social animals who develop preferences and social ranks, too!

Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary works to rescue and rehabilitate abused, neglected, and surrendered farm animals, concentrating on those who are often overlooked due to species, disability or appearance. They are transforming lives one animal at a time, showing them kindness, respect, and love – a right all animals deserve. To donate to this life-saving rescue, click here.

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