Holy moly! If you are in need of a smile at any point today (or ever!) we highly recommend watching this video … on repeat. There is something so incredible about watching a baby – whether human or animal – enjoy the wonders of the world for the very first time. When everything is so new and fun, it is hard not to be straight up amazed by the little things in life. 

The puppy, featured in this video, is experiencing the wonder of “bubbles” for the very first time. If you’ve watched a little kid chase and try and catch bubbles, you can pretty much guess what an awesome sight this is. Except, kicking up the awesome a notch, this particular video is in slow motion. You can see the joy, excitement, and determination evolve by the second on the face of this teeny-tiny pooch.

Watching this little guy play makes us want to run out and buy some bubbles to play with on break … we have a feeling it won’t be as fun without the puppy, though.