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Casper the Siberian Husky was born to a purebred dog breeder who intended to sell him for a profit. Unfortunately, he was born with “Swimmers Syndrome” which is an uncommon developmental deformity of newborn cats and dogs where their limbs are splayed laterally, making the dog or cat unable to stand or walk. Because the breeder didn’t know how to care for a dog like Casper and was unable to sell him, they decided to schedule him to be euthanized.

Luckily, compassionate citizens stepped in and refused to let Casper die. Gina, an Acuscope Biotechnician rescued Casper and immediately took him to a veterinarian for a complete check-up. Gina wasn’t sure if Casper would make it through the night, but when she woke up, she found a miracle. As seen in the above video, Casper started walking and moving, just like any other puppy. Within days, not only was Casper walking, but he was running and even climbing the stairs.

Casper’s breeder may have seen him as a lost profit, but Gina saw him for who he truly was: a loving, funny, affectionate dog who deserved a life full of happiness.

Each year in the U.S., six to eight million dogs and cats find themselves in animal shelters, with only about three million making it out alive.  Of the dogs, approximately 35 percent of them are purebreds, indicating that, although many purebred dogs are purchased as puppies, lots of them will still end up meeting the same sad fate as the rest.

For little more than the cost to drive to your closest shelter, you could go home with the puppy of your dreams and save a life. The bottom line is that when you buy, others die. So take a trip down to your local animal shelter and save a life today!

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