The greyhound racing industry is cruel; and animals in that industry are not valued at all as companions and sentient beings the way most dogs are. They are only appreciated for their monetary value; how much money they can make the gamblers and handlers that subject these dogs to such hard lives. Greyhounds are kept in crates for about 20 hours of the day, muzzled and stacked on top of each other. There is little to no medical care available to them. They often suffer injuries or die from starvation, dehydration, heatstroke, and more. Then when they can no longer make the humans’ any money, they are killed or used for breeding.

Just last week, twelve racing greyhounds were saved while they were being smuggled from Ireland to Spain. It highlighted a bigger issue and brought it to the spotlight — that the Irish government is funding this cruel industry. More people in the UK are standing up against this cruelty, so why is Groupon promoting it?

On Groupon’s site, people can find discounted prices to everything from products to restaurants, trips, events, and more. They sell tickets to greyhound races in the U.K. as if it were any other “fun” event. The tickets for two even come with burgers and drinks. But greyhound racing is not fun for the dogs.

Caged NW, an organization that aims to raise mass awareness of the plight of Greyhounds within the racing industry, explains: “1,013 retiring greyhounds either died or were “put to sleep” in 2017. That’s 3 every single day. Nearly 350 were killed because either a suitable home could not be found for them, or treating them was deemed “too costly”. The total injuries in the industry for 2017 was reported as 4,837, across just 22 licensed tracks – 257 of these were fatalities – killed trackside on “humane grounds.”

You can join them in fighting against this cruel “sport,” by signing this petition urging Groupon to stop selling promotional offers and tickets to greyhound races.

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