One of the more heart-wrenching stories this week is the story of a mother cat and her kittens, found abandoned in a dumpster and trapped inside their crate.  The mother and her kittens all slowly starved to death.


With the pandemic ending (or, more accurately, people returning to normal despite its persistence) people have been abandoning the pets they purchased during lockdown.  Shelters are overcrowded.  It is important to seek justice for the animals that people have left to suffer, but it is even more important to take proactive measures and prevent future cruelty.  For example, it is important to spay/neuter pets and strays, as well as support local shelters.

It is also important to acknowledge the bigger picture of animal cruelty.  Egg farms, for example, use “sorters” to identify male chicks.  Since these chicks cannot lay eggs, and since they are too small to raise profitably for meat, workers throw them straight into a grinder—or, worse, into a trash bag where they starve and suffocate.  What happened to the kittens in Pennsylvania is heinous—it also happens to billions of animals every year through the farm industry.  So please support your local shelters, sign this petition to encourage the spaying/neutering of pets, and at the same time, make sure to keep the bigger picture in mind.

To continue speaking up, sign these other petitions as well:

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