A few months ago, footage was leaked that showed cruelty at C.J & G.R Carnell farm. The video showed “mother cows and their calves being savagely beaten with both bare hands and blunt objects, force fed, and dragged across the floor.” Sadly, this type of cruelty is very common on farms. Since the very purpose of dairy farms is profit and exploitation, it’s no surprise that animal abuse is common. Recently, the Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) released footage from an undercover investigation at Fair Oaks Farm which until now had been known as the “Disneyland of agricultural tourism.”

ARM went undercover a few months ago at Fair Oaks Farm in Indiana to gather information and document any abuse and mistreatment. What they found was horrifying. The video shows proof of employees slapping, kicking, punching, throwing, slamming calves, and stabbing and beating them with steel rebars. They were being hit in the mouth with hard plastic milking bottles, kneed in the spine, burned in the face, denied medical attention, and so much more. The calves seen in the video were suffering horribly, and in many cases suffered permanent injury and death.

Warning: the video below contains violence and may be distressing to most viewers.

The video is truly difficult to watch. Since its release, the founder of Fair Oaks Farm, Mike McCloskey released a statement on Facebook. He explains that he was made aware of ARM going undercover at their farms, so employees were required to undergo training again. However, ARM investigators go undercover by applying as entry-level farm hands and as the video explains, the only training they received was how to discreetly dispose of the bodies of dead calves so as not to perturb the tourists.

McCloskey also claimed that some of the employees seen abusing the animals in the video had already been fired because they were reported by fellow employees. He also said the on-site drug use was reported months ago too, but denied the growing of drugs at the farm explaining that those are actually invasive plants. He took “full responsibility” and said the “ARM video shines a light on an area that – despite our thorough training, employee onboarding procedures and overall commitment to animal welfare – needs improvement.”


Something he never acknowledged was the transportation of male calves to veal farms, something Fair Oaks has claimed they don’t do, but was confirmed in the investigation. The entire investigation reveals something that animal rights activists have long been trying to prove — the exploitation of animals in itself is cruel and leads to horrifying cases of abuse. The problem with dairy farms isn’t that there are occasionally abuse cases such as this. The existence and purpose of dairy farms itself is a problem. It means there is pressure for humans to forcefully produce a product that should naturally be made by animals, so that they can take it from the animals and make money from it.

What can you do? As the video states, you can boycott Fairlife and Coca-Cola products. Coca-Cola has a partnership with Fair Oaks Farm despite their claims to care about animal welfare. On top of this, spread awareness. Share the video and tell people to also consider boycotting these brands. If this has sparked an interest in the truth about dairy farms and ditching dairy, check out 10 Great Reasons to Ditch Dairy, Easy Tips to Help You Ditch Dairy, The Shocking Truth About the Dairy Industry and the Environment, and The Fallacy of ‘Happy Cows.’

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