Anyone who is passionate about animal rights issues would be happy to see a politician or someone in office who also stands for animal justice. It’s why many people in the US were excited about Cory Booker’s decision to run for President. Regardless of whether we vote for him or believe in his views, it means an opportunity to speak up for animals. That’s why we were excited to hear that in the state of New South Wales in Australia, a female vegan bodybuilder and animal rights activist named Emma Hurst won a seat in parliament.

Tensions are currently high in Australia between animal rights activists, farmers, and the government. In the last few weeks, protests have been taking over the news, and it might help make negotiations and discussions smoother with someone in office who can represent the point of view of the activists.


Emma Hurst used to be a media officer for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). She describes her impressive career: “I am a Registered Psychologist, BA(Psy), PGDip(Psy), M(HealthPsy) and the Campaign Director at Animal Liberation, a charity that works to end the suffering of exploited and confined animals. I’ve been involved in animal welfare for 16 years.”

Hurst has been trying to make changes for animals for a long time, so it’s safe to say she will definitely work her hardest as a member of Parliament now that she’s beat her pro-farming opponent, David Leyonhjelm for a seat in the New South Wales upper house.

“I won’t be some politician full of empty promises – I plan to do whatever it takes to make changes for animals,” she said, “because there are still millions of hens in cages, there are koalas having their homes torn down, and there are animals being shot from the skies.”

This is a drastic difference from her opponent who was an avid supporter of factory farming, which is not only cruel and horrific to animals, but terribly bad for the environment. In celebration of her victory, Hurst wrote on Instagram: “Today I write to tell you the wonderful news that the animals have another voice in Parliament in NSW.”


Animal rights activists in Australia must be very happy to have someone in office who will fight for the causes they are passionate about. We hope Hurst is able to make positive changes for animals and the environment.

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