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White Coat Waste Project (WCW) obtained new documents about the Anthony Fauci-funded lab at the University of Georgia, in which taxpayers money went to forcing “puppies to be bitten repeatedly by infected sand flies, and injecting them with experimental drugs — a ‘treatment’ that left several of the dogs ‘vocalizing in pain.’”

This new investigation discovered that the researchers at the university named the beagles after famous tv characters and musicians. This is an interesting revelation because researchers don’t often name animals they are experimenting on, but rather refer to them using their IDs and #s.

The information was found by WCW requesting it through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Fauci wasted over $400,000 conducting experiments on these dogs last year. WCW also revealed other pointless experiments he had funded with taxpayer dollars.

The female dogs were named after famous television characters in Friends (Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel), Powerpuff Girls (Bubbles and Buttercup), and Gilmore Girls (Rory, Sookie, Lane, and Lorelai) among others. The male dogs were named after musicians, including Bon Jovi, Ice Cube, Beethoven, Bach, and Snoop Dog.

At this point, they have all likely been killed.

“Our latest #BeagleGate investigation proves that Dr. Fauci’s wasteful spending sentenced Snoop, Eminem, and other puppies to death row. From the Doggfather and Ozzy to anti-animal-testing advocate Mayim Bialik, animal-loving celebrities will be horrified to learn that Fauci-funded white coats are heartlessly naming beagles after them just before feeding the dogs to flies, torturing and killing them in wasteful experiments opposed by taxpayers in both political parties,” said Mackie Burr, the Vice President at the White Coat Waste Project.

Tell congress to pass the PAAW Act here to stop these kinds of cruel experiments.

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